Born lucky, exposed early to art, beauty, and design, encouraged to seek meaning and purpose, consider philanthropy, non-profit, my family suggested.  A Do-Gooder, my friends called me. Civic minded, politically engaged, a proud history of activism, my family agreed.  They were right, my friends, my family, public service is not just a family tradition. It is our natural calling. 

While contemplating purpose and meaning, over a summer spent answering phones at a brokerage firm, I discovered something. I discovered I was witnessing the power of homeownership to transform lives, families, and communities. Right there, from that tiny reception desk, I realized the practice of real estate is a public service. I understood that homeownership is an equalizing force. Housing is a human right because, wherever we find each other, we all come from home.

It's been 20 years, or so, my love affair with real estate has only deepened. It fills my every day with purpose and meaning. Devoted to the craft, skill honed through years of hard work and experience. I'm proud of the practice I've built and I'm grateful I have the opportunity to share it with you.